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38 CFR Book A, General: Parts 0 - 16

  • Lead Book A
  • Supplements
  • Part 0 - General Provisions
  • Part 1 - General Provisions
  • Part 2 - Delegations of Authority
  • Part 5-  Administrative procedures : Guidance documents
  • Part 12 - Disposition of Veteran's Personal Funds and Effects
  • Part 14 - Legal Services, General Counsel, and Miscellaneous Claims
  • Part 15 - Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Part 16 - Protection of Human Subjects

Supplements For Book A 


Subpart A-General Provisions

0        Index
0.600 General
0.601 Core Values
0.602 Core Characteristics
0.603 Customer Experience principles
0.605 Ethical framework principles for access to and use of veteran data
0.735-1 Agency ethics officials
0.735-2 Government-wide standards

Subpart B-Standards of Ethical Conduct and Related Responsibilities of Employees 

0.735-10 Cross-reference to employee ethical and othere standards and financial disclosure regulations.
0.735-11 Othere conduct on the job
0.735-12  Standards of conduct in special areas


Part 1 General Provisions 

Department of Veterans Affairs Official Seal and Distinguishing Flag 

1.9 - Description, use, and display of VA Seal and Flag 
1.916 - Disclosure of debt information to consumer reporting agencies (CRA)

The United States Flag for Burial Purposes

1.10 Eligibility for and disposition of the United States flag for burial purposes

Quarters for Department of Veterans Affairs Employees Overseas

1.11 Quarters for Department of Veterans Affairs employees in Government-owned or rented buildings overseas

Program Evaluation

1.15 Standards for program evaluation
1.17 Evaluation of studies relating to health effects of dioxin and radiation exposure
1.18 Guidelines for Establishing Presumptions of Service Connection for Former Prisoners of War

Referrals of Information Regarding Criminal Violations

1.200 Purpose
1.201 Employees Duty to Report
1.203 Information to be Reported to VA Police
1.204 Information to be Reported to the Office of Inspector General
1.205 Notification to the Attorney General or United States Attorneys Office

Security and Law Enforcement at VA Facilities

1.218 Security and law enforcement at VA facilities

Parking Fees at VA Medical Facilities

1.300 - 1.301 Purpose/Definitions
1.302 Applicability and Scope
1.303 Policy

Release of Information from Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Records Relating to Drug Abuse, Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse, Infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), or Sickle Cell Anemia

1.460 Definitions
1.461  Applicability
1.462 - 1.463 Confidentiality restrictions/Criminal penalty for violations
1.464 Minor patients
1.465 Incompetent and deceased patients
1.466 - 1.467 Security for records/Restrictions on the use of identification cards and public signs
1.468 - 1.469 Relationship to Federal statutes protecting research subjects against compulsory disclosure of their identity/Patient access and restrictions on use
1.470-1.47 [Reserved]

Disclosures With Patient's Consent

1.475 Form of written consent
1.476 - 1.477 Prohibition on redisclosure/Disclosures permitted with written consent
1.478 Disclosures to prevent multiple enrollments in detoxification and maintenance treatment programs; not applicable to records relating to sickle cell anemia or infection with the human immunodeficiency virus
1.479 Disclosures to elements of the criminal justice system which have referred patients1.
1.480 Disclosure of information to participate in state prescription drug monitoring programs
1.481 Disclosure without patient consent
1.482 Disclosure of medical records to recover or collect reasonable charges
1.483 Dsiclosure of information to participate in state prescription drug monitoring programs
1.484 Disclosure of medical information to the surrogate of a patient who lacks decision making capacity

Disclosures Without Patient Consent

1.485 Medical emergencies

1.485a Eye Organ and Tissue Donation
1.486 - 1.487 Disclosure of information related to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus to public health authorities/Disclosure of information related to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus to the spouse or sexual partner of the patient
1.488 Research activities
1.489 Audit and evaluation activities

Court Orders Authorizing Disclosures and Use

1.490 - 1.491 Legal effect of order/Confidential communications
1.492 Order not applicable to records disclosed without consent to researchers, auditors and evaluators
1.493 Procedures and criteria for orders authorizing disclosures for noncriminal purposes
1.494 Procedures and criteria for orders authorizing disclosure and use of records to criminally investigate or prosecute patients
1.495 Procedures and criteria for orders authorizing disclosure and use of records to investigate or prosecute VA or employees of VA
1.496 Orders authorizing the use of undercover agents and informants to criminally investigate employees or agents of VA
1.497-1.499 [Reserved]

Release of Information from Department of Veterans Affairs Claimant Records

1.500 General
1.501 - 1.502 - 1.503 Release of information by the Secretary/Disclosure of the amount of monetary benefits/Disclosure of information to a veteran or his or her duly authorized representative as to matters concerning the veteran alone
1.504 - 1.505 Disclosure of information to a widow, child, or other claimant/Genealogy
1.506 - 1.507 Disclosure of records to Federal Government departments, state unemployment compensation agencies, and the Office of Servicemen's Group Life Insurance/ Disclosures to members of Congress
1.508 - 1.509 Disclosure in cases where claimants are charged with or convicted of criminal offenses/ Disclosure to courts in proceedings in the nature of an inquest
1.510 Disclosure to insurance companies cooperating with the Department of Justice in the defense of insurance suits against the United States
1.511 Disclosure of claimant records in connection with Judicial proceedings generally
1.512 Disclosure of loan guaranty information
1.513 Disclosure of information contained in Armed Forces service and related medical records in Department of Veterans Affairs custody
1.514a Disclosure to private psychologists
1.514b Disclosure to Procurement Organizations
1.515 To commanding officers of State soldiers' homes
1.516 - 1.517 Disclosure of information to undertaker concerning burial of a deceased veteran/ Disclosure of vocational rehabilitation and education information to educational institutions cooperating with the Department of Veterans Affairs
1.518 Addresses of claimants
1.519 Lists of names and addresses
1.520 - 1.521 Confidentiality of social data/ Special restrictions concerning social security records
1.522 - 1.523 - 1.524 Determination of the question as to whether disclosure will be prejudicial to the mental or physical health of claimant/[Reserved]/ Persons authorized to represent claimants
1.525 Inspection of records by or disclosure of information to recognized representatives of organizations and recognized attorneys
1.526 Copies of records and papers
1.527 Administrative review

Release of Information from Department of Veterans Affairs Records other than Claimant Records

1.550 General
1.551 Definitions
1.552 Public access to information that affects the public when not published in the Federal Register as constructive notice
1.553 Public access to other reasonably described records
1.554 Exemptions from public access to agency records
1.555 Responsibility for responding to requests
1.556 Timing of Responses to Request
1.557 Responses to Requests
1.558 Business Information
1.559 Appeals
1.560 Maintenance and Preservation of Records
1.561 Fees
1.562 Other rights and services

Safeguarding Personal Information in Department of Veterans Affairs Records

1.575 Social security numbers in veterans' benefits matters
1.576 General policies, conditions of disclosure, accounting of certain disclosures, and definitions
1.577  Access to records
1.579 Amendment of records
1.580- 1.581 Administrative review
1.582 Exemptions

Expanded Remote Access to Computerized Veterans Claims records by Accredited Representatives

1.600 Purpose/Definitions
1.601 Qualification for Access
1.602 Utilization of Access
1.603 Disqualification

Inventions by Employees of Department of Veterans Affairs

1.650 - 1.651 Purpose/Definitions
1.652 Criteria for determining rights to employee inventions
1.653 - 1.654 Delegation of authority/Patenting of inventions
1.655 Government license in invention of employee
1.656 Information to be submitted by inventor
1.657 - 1.658 - 1.659 Determination of rights/Right of appeal/Relationship to incentive awards program
1.660 - 1.661 - 1.662 Expeditions Handling/Information to be Keep Confidential/Provisions of Regulations made a condition of Employment
1.663 Licensing of Government-owned inventions

Administrative Control of Funds

1.670 - 1.671 Purpose/Definitions
1.672 - 1.673 Responsibilities/Responsibility for violations of the administrative subdivision of funds

Use of Official Mail in the Location and Recovery of Missing Children

1.700 - 1.701 Purpose/Contact person for missing children official mail program
1.702 Policy
1.703 - 1.704 - 1.705 Cost and percentage estimates/[Reserved]/Restrictions on use of missing children information

Homeless Claimants

1.710 Homeless claimants: Delivery of benefit payments and correspondence

Appeals from Decisions of Contracting Officers

1.770 - 1.783 Removed

Part-time Career Employment Program

1.891 - 1.892 Purpose of program/ Review of positions
1.893 - 1.894 - 1.895 - 1.896 - 1.897 Establishing and converting time positions/Annual goals and timetables/Review and evaluation/Publicizing vacancies/Exceptions

Standards for Collection, Compromise, Suspension or Termination of Collection Effort, and Referral of Civil Claims for Money or Property

1.900 Prescription of Standards
1.901 No Private Rights Created
1.902 Fraud, antitrust and tax claims excluded
1.903 Settlement, waiver, or compromise under other statutory or regulatory authority
1.904 Form of Payment
1.905 Subdivision of Claims not Authorized
1.906 Required administrative proceedings
1.907 Definitions

Standards for Collection of Claims

1.910 Aggressive collection action
1.911 Collection of debts owed by reason of participation in a benefits program
1.911a Collections of Non Benefits Debts
1.912 Collection by offset
1.912a Collection by offset-from VA benefit payments
1.913 Liquidation of collateral
1.914 Collection in installments
1.915 Interest, Administrative Cost, and Penalties
1.916 Disclosure of debt information to consumer reporting agencies (CRA)
1.917 Contracting for collection services
1.918 Use and disclosure of mailing addresses
1.919 Administrative offset against amounts payable from Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), final salary check, and lump sum leave payments
1.920 Referral of VA debts
1.921 Analysis of costs
1.922 Exemptions
1.923 Administrative Wage Garnishment
1.924 Suspension or Revocation of Eligibility for Federal Loans, Loan Insurance, Loan Guaranties, Licenses, Permits, or Privilgees
1.929 Reduction of debt through performance of work-study services

Standards for Compromise of Claims

1.930 Scope and application
1.931 Bases for Compromise
1.932 Enforcemwnt Policy
1.933 Joint and Several Liability
1.934 Further Review of Compromise Offers
1.935 Consideration of Tax Consequences to the Government
1.936 Mutual Releases of the Debtor and VA

Standards for Suspending or Terminating Collection Action

1.940 Scope and application
1.941 Suspension of collection activity
1.942 Termination of collection activity
1.943 Exception to Termination
1.944 Discharge of Indebtedness, Reporting Requirements

Referral to GAO, Department of Justice, or IRS

1.950 Prompt referral
1.951 Claims Collection Litigation Report
1.952 Preservation of evidence
1.953 Minimum amount of Referrals to the Department of Justice

Regional Office Committees on Waivers and Compromises

1.955 Regional office Committees on Waivers and Compromises
1.956 Jurisdiction
1.957 Committee authority
1.958 Finality of Decision
1.959 Records and Certificates
1.960 Legal and Technical Assistance
1.961 Releases
1.962 Waiver of overpayments
1.963 Waiver; other than loan guaranty
1.963a Waiver; erroneous payment of pay and allowances
1.964 Waiver; loan guaranty
1.965 Application of standard
1.966 Scope of waiver decisions
1.967 Refunds 1.968 [Reserved]
1.969 Revision of waiver decisions
1.970 Standards for compromise

Salary Offset Provisions

1.980 Scope
1.981 Definitions
1.982 Salary offsets of debts involving benefits under the laws administered by VA
1.983 Notice requirements before salary offsets of debts not involving benefits under the laws administered by VA
1.984 Request for a hearing
1.985 Form, notice of, and conduct of hearing
1.986 Result if employee fails to meet deadlines
1.987 Review by hearing official or administrative law judge
1.988 Written decision following a hearing requested under §1.984
1.989 Review of VA records related to the debt
1.990 Written agreement to repay debt as alternative to salary offset
1.991 Procedures for salary offset: when deductions may begin
1.992 Procedures for salary offset
1.993 Non-waiver of rights
1.994 Refunds
1.995 Requesting Recovery Through Centralized Administrative Offset


Part 2

Delegations of Authority

2-index 2.1 General provisions
2.2 Delegation of authority to employees to issue subpoenas, etc.
2.3 Delegation of authority to employees to take affidavits, to administer oaths, etc.
2.4 Delegation of authority to Order Paid Advertising for Use in Recruitment
2.5 Delegation of authority to Certify Copies of Documents, Records, or Papers in Department of Veterans Affairs Files
2.6 Secretary's delegations of authority to certain officials (38 U.S.C. 512)
2.7 Delegation of authority to provide relief on account of administrative error
2.8 Delegation of authority to authorize allowances for Department of Veterans Affairs employees who are notaries public
2.9-2.49 [Reserved]
2.50 - 2.51 - 2.52 - 2.53Administration, staff office, and field facility heads are authorized to designate employees to certify copies of records and papers in the custody of the Department of Veterans Affairs/ Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise the power of the Secretary to waive stated procedural (nonsubstantive) requirements of the loan guaranty regulations/ Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise certain powers and functions of the Secretary with respect to the guaranty or insurance of loans./ Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise certain powers and functions of the Secretary with respect to assisting eligible veterans to acquire specially adapted housing
2.54 - 2.55 - 2.56 - 2.57 Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise the power of the Secretary to waive procedural (nonsubstantive) requirements of the direct loan regulations/Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise certain powers and functions of the Secretary with respect to the making of direct loans. / Directors of Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers authorized to appoint boards of medical officers/ Chief Attorneys authorized to release funds from Personal Funds of Patients for the needs of veterans and their dependents
2.65 - 2.65a - 2.66 The Contract Appeals Board may, in its discretion, hear, consider and decide all questions of law necessary for the complete adjudication of issues when appeal is taken pursuant to disputes clause in contract which limits appeals to disputes concerning questions of fact/ The Contract Appeals Board may make findings of fact with respect to a claim without expressing an opinion on the questions of liability should it appear that a claim is involved which is not cognizable under the terms of the contract/ Chairman and Vice Chairman, Board of Veterans Appeals, in addition to authority vested by law, Department of Veterans Affairs regulations and manuals, delegated authority to authorize assumption of appellate jurisdiction of adjudicative determination which has not become final 2.66a [Removed and Reserved]
2.67 Chief Benefits Director and supervisory or adjudicative personnel within jurisdiction of Veterans Benefits Administration designated by him authorized to make findings and decisions under applicable laws, regulations, precedents, and instructions, as to entitlement of claimants to benefits under all laws administered by Department of Veterans Affairs governing payment of monetary benefits to veterans and their dependents, within jurisdiction of compensation and pension service
2.67a [Removed
2.68 [Reserved]
2.68a Director, Compensation and Pension Service and personnel of that service designated by the director authorized to determine whether claimant or payee has forfeited right to gratuitous benefits or to remit a prior forfeiture pursuant to provisions of 38 U.S.C. 6103 or 6104
2.69 Chief Benefits Director or Director, Compensation and Pension Service, upon field station submission, authorized to approve, on basis of certain criteria, extra-schedular evaluation commensurate with average earning capacity impairment due exclusively to service-connected disability or disabilities in exceptional case where schedular evaluations inadequate
2.70 Adjudication Officer, or where regular schedular standards are met as of date of rating decision, the rating board, authorized to approve on an extra-schedular basis a permanent and total disability rating for pension purposes
2.71 Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise certain powers and functions of the Secretary with respect to the sale of loans with guaranty of payment
2.72 [Removed]
2.73 [Removed]
2.74 [Removed]
2.75 The General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant General Counsel (Professional Staff Group I), The Deputy Assistant General Counsel of said Staff Group, and the District Counsel and those acting for them are delegated authority to settle and pay a claim for not more than $40,000 made by a civilian officer or employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs for damage to, or loss of, personal property incident to such person's service, on behalf of the Secretary, and such settlement shall be final and conclusive
2.76 Chief Benefits Director and supervisory or adjudicative personnel within jurisdiction of Education and Rehabilitation Service designated by the Chief Benefits Director authorized to make findings and decisions under 38 U.S.C. Ch. 31 and applicable regulations, precedents and instructions, as to vocational rehabilitation services for disabled veterans
2.77 Managers of regional offices and center directors authorized to negotiate and approve contracts with educational institutions and other approved counseling agencies for purpose of providing educational and vocational counseling to persons referred for such services by Department of Veterans Affairs
2.78 Except as otherwise provided, Chief Benefits Director and supervisory or adjudicative personnel within jurisdiction of Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service designated by the Chief Benefits Director delegated authority to make findings and decisions under 38 U.S.C. chapters 34, 35, and 36 and applicable regulations, precedents and instructions, as to programs of education or special restorative training
2.79 Chief Benefits Director and the Director, Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service, are delegated authority to enter into agreements for reimbursement of State approving agencies under §21.4153 of this chapter
2.80 Director, Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service. is delegated authority to waive penalties for conflicting interests as provided by §21.4005 of this chapter
2.81 Director, Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service, is delegated authority to exercise the functions otherwise required of State approving agencies, under §21.4150(c) of this chapter
2.82 Director, Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service, is delegated authority to approve courses under §21.4250(c) of this chapter
2.83 General Counsel is authorized to act for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in matters concerning patents and inventions, unless otherwise required by law.
2.84 When in the interest of the Service and when administratively feasible, Chief Benefits Director or designee is authorized to enter into an agreement with another Federal agency, which is authorized to furnish quarters, to provide living quarters, including heat, fuel, and light, in a Government-owned or rented building, for Department of Veterans Affairs employees permanently stationed in a foreign country under the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 686
2.85 Chief Benefits Director and/or Assistant Director for Insurance authorized to make any determinations required under §9.22 of this chapter relative to Servicemen's Group Life Insurance and Veterans' Group Life Insurance
2.86 Chief Benefits Director authorized to act for Secretary in making determinations in connection with a borrower's application for assistance in securing correction of structural defects
2.87 Chief Benefits Director and designee delegated authority to take any necessary action as to programs of vocational rehabilitation, education, or special restorative training under 38 U.S.C. chapters 31, 34, 35, and 36
2.90 Chief Benefits Director delegated responsibility for obtaining evidence of voluntary compliance from recognized national organizations whose representatives are afforded space and office facilities in field stations under the Chief Benefits Director's jurisdiction
2.91 [Removed]
2.92 General Counsel delegated responsibility, upon receipt of information from the Chief Benefits Director, the Chief Medical Director, or the designee of either of them, that compliance cannot be secured by voluntary means, of forwarding to the recipient or other person the notice required by §18.9(a) of this chapter, and also is delegated responsibility of representing the Department in all proceedings resulting from such notice
2.93 [Removed]
2.94 [Removed]
2.95 Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise the power of the Secretary to waive stated procedural (nonsubstantive) require-ments of the mobile home guaranty regulations
2.96 Delegation of authority to certain employees to exercise certain powers and functions of the Secretary with respect to the guaranty of mobile home loans. The authority hereby delegated to these employees may, with the approval of the Chief Benefits Director, be redelegated
2.97 Chief Benefits Director delegated responsibility to enter into agreement with Federal Trade Commission to utilize its services and facilities to carry out investigations and make determinations as to enrollment of eligible veteran or eligible person in any course offered by an institution which utilizes advertising, sales, or enrollment practices of any type which are erroneous, deceptive or misleading either by actual statement, omission, or intimation
2.98 Delegation of authority to Directors of VA field facilities to determine whether or not a school closing is based on Executive order of the President or due to an emergency situation and to the Director, Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Service, to review these decisions
2.99 [Removed and Reserved]

Part 5

5-Title Page


Part 12

Disposition of Veteran's Personal Funds and Effects

Disposition of Veteran's Personal Funds and Effects on Facility upon Death, or Discharge, or Unauthorized Absence, and of Funds and Effects found on Facility

12.0 Definitions
12.1 Designee cases; competent veterans.
12.2 Designee cases; incompetent veterans
12.3 Deceased veteran's cases
12.4 Disposition of effects and funds to designee; exceptions
12.5 Nondesignee cases
12.6 -12.7 Cases of living veterans/ Cases not applicable to provisions of §§12.0 to 12.6
12.8 Unclaimed effects of veterans
12.9 Rights of designate; sales instruction; transportation charges
12.10 - 12.12 - 12.13 Proceeds of sale/ Miscellaneous provisions/ Posting of notice of the provisions of Pub. L. No. 734, 75th Congress (38 U.S.C. 16-16j)

Disposition of Personal Funds and Effects Left Upon Premises of the Veterans Administration by Non-Veteran Patients, Employees and other Persons, Known or Unknown

12.15 - 12.16 Inventory of property/ Action on inventory and funds
12.17 - 12.18 Unclaimed effects to be sold/ Disposition of funds and effects left by officers and enlisted men on the active list of the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States

Under Pub. L. 382, 77th Congress, December 26, 1941, Amending the Act of June 25, 1910 (24 U.S.C. 136)

12.19 Provisions of Pub. L. 382 (38 U.S.C. 17-17j)
12.20 - 12.21 Posting of notice provisions of Pub. L. 382/ Action upon death of veteran
12.22 - 12.23 Disposition of personal property/ Recognition of valid claim against the General Post Fund

Operation of Lost and Found Service

12.24 Operation of lost and found service


Part 14

Legal Services, General Counsel, and Miscellaneous Claims

14.500 Functions and responsibilities Of General Counsel
14.501 Functions and Responsibilities of Regional Counsels
14.502 Requests for legal opinions from Central Office
14.503 Requests for legal advice and assistance in other than domestic relations matters
14.504 - 14.505 Domestic relations questions, authority and exceptions/ Submissions
14.507 Opinions

Litigation (Other than under the Federal Tort Claims Act); Indemnification

14.514 Suits by or against United States or Department of Veterans Affairs officials; indemnification of Department of Veterans Affairs employees
14.515 Suits involving loan guaranty matters
14.516 - 14.517 Escheat and post fund cases/ Cases affecting the Department of Veterans Affairs generally
14.518 Litigation involving beneficiaries in custody of Department of Veterans Affairs employees acting in official capacity


14.560 Procedure where violation of penal statutes is involved including those offenses coming within the purview of the Assimilative Crime Act (18 U.S.C. 13)
14.561 - 14.562 - 14.563 Administrative action prior to submission/ Collections or adjustments/ Crimes or offenses on Department of Veterans Affairs property

Federal Tort Claims

14.600 Federal Tort Claims Act-general
14.601 Investigation and development
14.602 Requests for medical information
14.603 Disposition of claims
14.604 Filing a claim
14.605 Suits against Department of Veterans Affairs employees arising out of a wrongful act or omission or based upon medical care and treatment furnished in or for the Veterans Health Administration

Administrative Settlement of Tort Claims arising in Foreign Countries

14.615 General
14.616 Form and place of filing claim
14.617 Disposition of claims

Claims for Damage to or loss of Government Property

14.618 Collection action

Claims for Cost of Medical Care and Services

14.619 Collection action

Representation of Department of Veterans Affairs Claimants; Recognition of Organizations; Accreditation of Representatives, Attorneys, Agents; Rules of Practice and Information Concerning Fees, 38 U.S.C. 5901-5905

14.626 Purpose
14.627 Definitions
14.628 Recognition of organizations
14.629 Requirements for accreditation of representatives, agents, and attorneys
14.630 Authorization for a particular claim
14.631 Powers of attorney
14.632 Letters of accreditation
14.633 Termination of accreditation of agents, attorneys, and representatives
14.634 Banks or trust companies acting as guardians
14.635 Space and office facilities
14.636 Payment of Fees for Representation by Agents and Attorneys in Proceedings Before Agencies of Orginal Jurisdiction and Before the Board of Veterans Appeal
14.637 Payment of the Expenses of Agents and Attorneys in Proceedings before Agencies of Original Jurisdiction and Before the Board of Veterans Appeal

Personnel Claims

14.664 Scope of authority and effective date
14.665 Claims
14.666 District Counsel responsibility
14.667 Claims payable
14.668 Disposition of claims/ Fees of agents or attorneys; penalty


14.700 Court cost and expenses; commitment, restoration, fiduciary appointments
14.701 Commitment and restoration proceedings
14.702 - 14.703 Medical testimony in commitment or restoration proceedings/ Costs in commitment or restoration proceedings
14.704 Authorization of transportation necessary for commitment of a veteran beneficiary
14.705 Authority to file petitions for appointment of fiduciaries in State courts
14.706 - 14.707 Legal services in behalf of beneficiaries/ Authorization of transportation of a veteran beneficiary for appointment of a fiduciary
14.708 Costs and other expenses incident to appointment of fiduciary
14.709 Surety bonds; court-appointed fiduciary

Testimony of Department Personnel and Production of Department Records in Legal Proceedings

14.800 Purpose
14.801 Applicability
14.802 Definitions
14.803 Policy
14.804 Factors to consider
14.805 - 14.806 Contents of a demand or request/ Scope of testimony or production
14.807 Procedure when demand or request is made
14.808 Expert or opinion testimony
14.809 Demands or requests in legal proceedings for records protected by confidentiality statutes
14.810 Fees


Part 15

Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs

15.101 - 15.102 Purpose/ Application
15.103 Definitions
15.104-15.109 [Reserved]
15.110 Self-evaluation
15.111 Notice
15.112-15.129 [Reserved]
15.130 General prohibitions against discrimination
15.131-15.139 [Reserved]
15.140 Employment 15.141-15.148 [Reserved]
15.149 Program accessibility: Discrimination prohibited
15.150 Program accessibility: Existing facilities
15.151 Program accessibility: New construction and alterations
15.152-15.159 [Reserved]
15.160 Communications
15.161-15.169 [Reserved]
15.170 Compliance procedures
15.171-15.999 [Reserved]

Part 16

Protection of Human Subjects


16.101 To What Does This Policy Apply
16.102 Definitions
16.103 Assuring compliance with this policy-research conducted or supported by any Federal Department or Agency
16.104 Exempt research
16.105-16.107 IRB mimbership
16.108 IRB functions and operations
16.109 IRB review of research
16.110 Expedited review procedures for certain kinds of research involving no more than minimal risk. and for minor changes in approved research
16.111 Criteria for IRB approval of research
16.112 Review by institution
16.113 Suspension or termination of IRB approval of research
16.114 Cooperative research
16.115 IRB records
16.116 General requirements for informed consent
16.117 Documentation of informed consent
16.118 Applications and proposals lacking definite plans for involvement of human subjects
16.119 Research undertaken without the intention of involving human subjects
16.120 - 16.122 Evaluation and disposition of applications and proposals for research to be conducted or supported by a Federal Department or Agency
16.123 - 16.124 Early termination of research support: Evaluation of applications and proposals