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Education and Training

January Education Office Hours FY 2023 Presentation

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January Office Hours Agenda

  • Digital GI Bill® Updates: Enrollment Manager 
  • Federal Register Notice on Educational Assistance Funds 
  • Standard Versus Non-Standard Remarks Refresher 
  • School Annual Training Requirements 
  • School Certifying Officials (SCOs) can view this entire Office Hours presentation at the following YouTube link: January Office Hours 2023 

Digital GI Bill® Updates: Enrollment Manager

VA-ONCE to Enrollment Manager Transition 

In December 2022, VA made the decision to shift the Enrollment Manager (EM) release from January 2023 to March 2023. This will allow us to optimize the system and to better support those using the new platform.  

Positive Impacts: 

  • Allow School Certifying Officials (SCOs) to use VA-ONCE during peak Spring enrollment period (January 2023).
  • Allow SCOs more time to complete required EM trainings and participate in testing.
  • Opportunity to optimize the improved system.
  • Help mitigate any impacts to students’ Monthly Housing Allowance payments.

Feedback from an SCO “Glad it was pushed back. My school’s Certifying Officials have been doing great with our enrollments each semester. My school has recently changed payment deadlines beginning Spring semester so it’s nice we won’t have to juggle the transition first thing.” – GI Bill student on Post-9/11 GI Bill Facebook Page. 

Enrollment Manager Rollout Strategy

The VA Education Platform Portal and Enrollment Manager will be open for SCOs on Monday, March 6, 2023. You will not be able to request access until both systems are live.

VA-ONCE will sunset on Friday, February 24th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to allow the data to be transferred over to Enrollment Manager. After February 24th, VA-ONCE will no longer be used for enrollments. Continue to submit all enrollments in VA-ONCE until then.

The following is a checklist to complete before Enrollment Manager launches:

  • Create your or account.
  • Complete all assigned EM trainings.
  • Pass the final Enrollment Manager Assessment.

Create an or account: Before receiving access to student data, SCOs will need to create an account using either or VA strongly encourages SCOs to complete this step as soon as possible to gain access to Enrollment Manager.

After verifying their identity, SCOs are ready to access Enrollment Manager.

Have questions? Check out our new video on the Post-9/11 GI Bill® Facebook page. 

Enrollment Manger Training Preview: The SCO Enrollment Manager training curriculum will consist of three interactive Enrollment Manager trainings. SCOs will need to complete all three trainings. They should take no more than 2.5 hours to complete. Trainings are introductory to get SCOs familiar with the system, please note as the system is still being tested some features may change.

Enrollment Manager 100 (Overview of requesting access):

  • Logging in with or
  • Requesting access through ELR.
  • Requesting one-time access through legacy VA-ONCE.
  • Requesting access as a SCO Assistant and SCO Read-Only.

Enrollment Manager 101 (Overview of basic functionalities that all SCOs will interact with):

  • What is Enrollment Manager?
  • How to Navigate the Homepage.
  • Find and Add a Student to your School.
  • View and Navigate Student’s Profile.
  • Use the Enrollment Manager Chatbot, Billie.

Enrollment Manager 102 (In-depth look at performing specific actions tailored by the various SCO institution types). Currently, Enrollment Manager 102 is not available yet, it is coming soon:

  • Submit an enrollment
  • Amend an enrollment
  • Terminate an enrollment
  • Deactivate a student
  • Real-Life scenarios

Enrollment Manager Communications Overview

Here are a few upcoming communications SCOs can expect leading up to go-live in March 2023: 

  • Emails - Direct emails to targeted audiences about VA-Once sunset deadline and readiness.
  • Web updates – Reflects the latest updates on EM and store key resources.
  • Workshops – Provides in-person and virtual opportunities to learn and engage with EM.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Searchable FAQs, which house answers to various important questions to include EM.
  • Newsletter – Provides the latest updates via SCO in the Know newsletter articles.
  • Office Hours – Presents updates about EM, new resources, and trainings.
  • Videos and Social Media Posts – Provides interactive, easy to follow, informative how to vides for visual learners.
  • SCO Training Portal – Provides training material, which is designed to help familiarize SCOs with various information and prepare them for their role as a certifying official.

Looking ahead, GI Bill® Roadshow:

In response to popular demand for the Enrollment Manager Workshop, we are hosting a GI Bill Roadshow to visit universities and help spread the news. Each Roadshow stop will consist of 2 sessions: GI Bill Town Hall & SCO Enrollment Manager Workshop. 

GI Bill Town Hall:

  • Audience: GI Bill students, Veterans, Service members
  • Purpose: Share how VA is improving the GI Bill Experience
  • Content: Post-9/11 GI Bill updates (programs, modernization), and Questions and Answers (Q&A)

SCO Enrollment Manager Workshop:

  • Audience: SCOs, school leadership, and Enrollment Manager users
  • Purpose: Highlight Enrollment Manager
  • Content: Enrollment Manager presentation showcasing new features and Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How to use GI Bill® Chatbot, Billie

The Enrollment Manager Chatbot, Billie is a self-service tool that is available for SCOs to use 24/7, 365 days a year. Billie can help you navigate the new system and can provide answers to questions about enrollments you are working on. 

Billie is great at answering questions about: 

  • Navigating Enrollment Manager
  • Submitting Enrollments & Certifications
  • Amending Enrollments
  • Entitlement & Debt
  • Legislative and Policy Changes


  • We recommend exploring the pre-drafted questions Billie can answer first if you’re not sure where to start!
  • Click the “i” button in the bottom left corner to find all the topics the Chatbot can help you with
  • Billie will always be there for you in the bottom right corner 24/7.
  • Enter “Hi” to return to the main menu 
  • Reminder not to enter Personal Identifying Information (PII) into Billie

Enrollment Manager Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access & Communications:

Where will the email come from when we are told to start using Enrollment Manager over VA-ONCE? You will receive communications via GovDelivery, and we will also announce it during Office Hours sessions. If you are not receiving these communications, please visit this link to subscribe. 

Training Resources:

What training resources will be available to train School Certifying Officials on how to use Enrollment Manager? There will be interactive self-paced trainings with software simulations allowing SCOs to practice key functions, live webinar trainings, a user guide, and demo videos available to help SCOs familiarize themselves with Enrollment Manager before and after go-live. You will log into the SCO Training Portal to complete EM 100, 101, and 102. 

Data Migration:

Should SCOs clean up student data in VA-ONCE to prepare for the data migration from VA-ONCE to Enrollment Manager? Should we be deleting any inactive students before transition period? We recommend you either submit or discard draft enrollments, amendments, and/or monthly certifications before VA-ONCE sunsets. 

General Functionality:

  • What do the Enrollment statuses in EM mean?


Enrollment Status



In Progress

Enrollment/Amendment/Certification is in draft state


Pending SCO Review*

Draft must be verified and submitted by a SCO 



Enrollment/Amendment/Certification was sent for processing


Under Review

Enrollment/Amendment/Certification was off-ramped for manual review



Enrollment/Amendment/Certification has been adjudicated

*Pending SCO Review = Status 2 from VA ONCE 

  • How will the new Enrollment Manager system affect the dual certification process? SCOs will still be required to verify enrollment certifications in Enrollment Manager as done in VA-ONCE. Future system enhancements may include additional features for the dual certification process.
  • Will Enrollment Manager have the ability to generate reports? Yes, Enrollment Manager will have the ability to generate weekly reports in the initial release and reporting capability will be expanded over time.
  • Will Enrollment Manager time out after 20 minutes, similar to VA-ONCE? No.
  • Will SCOs need to wait 24 hours before amending an enrollment certification? No.

Please review the Enrollment Manager FAQs page for more! 

Federal Register Notice on Educational Assistance Funds (90/10 Rule)

Who does the 90/10 Rule apply to?

Today’s topic is about the VA's role in the updated 90/10 Rule; this rule is specific to "For-Profit" Institutions. VA identifies all approved schools by its assigned eight-digit facility code. If you’re a school with a facility code, which begins with the number “2” for example 29000013 (also known as a for-profit institution) then this information is applicable to your school. 

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) of 2021: President Biden signed into law The American Rescue Plan (ARP) of 2021, which amended the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965 requirement that proprietary institutions of higher education derive at least 10% of their revenue from non-Title IV student aid (allowing up to 90% of revenue to come from Title IV aid), known as the “90/10 rule.”

Previously, "For-Profit" Institutions were permitted to count Federal money from sources other than the Department, including funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense, toward meeting the 10 percent revenue requirement. 

Definition of Federal Funds: Federal Funds, defined as “any other education assistance funds provided by a federal agency directly to an institution or a student, including the federal portion of any grant funds provided by a non-federal agency.” 

The law now requires that the 90% federal revenue cap include all Federal education assistance funds as Federal revenue in "For-Profit" Institutions, 90/10 calculation for fiscal years beginning on or after January 1, 2023, not just Title IV student aid funds.

Please note: Schools that aren't receiving Title IV funds from the Education Department (ED) do not need to report on 90/10 to ED. 

Additional Information:

  • CHAPTER 31 INQUIRIES - Please contact Veterans Readiness and Employment (VR&E) regarding Chapter 31 inquiries. 
  • VR&E contact information: VR&E Contact Information
  • Send the completed 90/10 calculations to the Department of Education.
  • For further information contact: Ashley Clark, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Room 2C185, Washington, DC 20202. Telephone: (202) 453-7977. Email:

Standard Versus Non-Standard Remarks in VA-ONCE 

 VA-ONCE Remarks Overview:

  • Standard Remark: VBA Standard Remarks are predetermined choices that can be selected from a drop-down list. If "Other" is selected from the drop-down, the user can then enter a non-standard remark. These remarks will not migrate to Enrollment Manager.
  • Non-Standard Remark: Include "School Standard Remarks" which can be saved for repeated use. "Other” Remarks are used one-time only. Both types are entered as free text. These remarks will not migrate to Enrollment Manager. The use of Non-Standard Remarks prevents automated claims from being processed and should be limited. See the School Certifying Official Handbook for scenarios that require use of a non-standard remark.
  • The following link is the Online School Certifying Official (SCO) Handbook: School Certifying Official Handbook 

In September 2021, non-standard remarks stopped automation of 6% of all Post-9/11 GI Bill® enrollment claims, totaling more than 18,000 enrollments that may have been otherwise automated.

The following chart is an example of when to use non-standard remarks:


Is a remark needed

Why or Why not?

A change in tuition and fees.


This change is automatically captured.

School break/disruption less than 7 days (break, holiday, emergency event).


Only breaks of 7 days or greater must be reported to VA.

School breaks/disruption greater than 7 days.


Breaks 7 days or greater must be reported to VA.

Adjustment for punitive grades.


If “Punitive Grades Assigned” is selected as the reason for change, no additional remarks are needed.


SCO Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Training Requirements

October 1, 2022: Annual Training Window Opens. Updated training requirements for all new SCOs and continuing education requirements for existing SCOs are effective.

June 1, 2023: 90-Day Training Alert: 90 Day Notifications and reminders for the approaching August 31st continuing education deadline will be posted on the GI Bill® Website and sent to SCOs via GOV Delivery Notice.

July 1, 2023: 60-Day Training Alert: 60 Day Notifications and reminders for the approaching August 31st continuing education deadline will be posted on the GI Bill® Website and sent to SCOs via Gov Delivery Notice.

August 1, 2023: 30-Day Training Alert: 30 Day Notifications and reminders for the approaching August 31st continuing education deadline will be posted on the GI Bill® Website and sent to SCOs via Gov Delivery Notice.

August 15, 2023: 15-Day Training Alert: 15 Day Notifications and reminders for the approaching August 31st continuing education deadline will be posted on the GI Bill® Website and sent to SCOs via Gov Delivery Notice.

August 31, 2023: Annual Training Window Closes! Continuing education requirements for existing SCOs completed.

September 1st-30th, 2023: Existing SCOs - No Training in Progress; new SCOs – Training is continuous throughout the year.

SCO Portal Completion Status

Certifying Officials can keep pace of their annual training requirements by viewing the Training Requirement Countdown, checking Annual Training Schedule, required modules, and annual training completion status. Visit our School Certifying Official (SCO) Training webpage for this and more information.

*The SCO Online Training Portal has been updated to show training modules requirements based on an SCOs facility type and their experience as an existing SCO or new SCO. Fiscal Year 2023, SCO Annual Training requirements will be calculated by modules and completion; SCO Annual Training requirements are no longer calculated by hours.

SCO Type

Number of Modules

Existing SCO Institution of Higher Learning (IHL)


Existing SCO Non-College Degree (NCD)


Existing SCO Institution of Higher Learning with Non-College Degree (NCD)



Existing SCO Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) with Flight


*Four modules. It is recommended one of the four modules be specific to your facility type.

SCO Type

Number of Modules

Existing SCO On-the-Job Training (OJT)


Existing SCO Apprenticeship Program


Existing SCO Vocational Flight


Existing SCO High School Program


Existing SCO Residency Program


*One module. It is recommended the module be specific to your facility type.

SCO Type

Number of Modules

New SCO On-the-Job Training (OJT)


New SCO Apprenticeship Program


New SCO Vocational Flight Facilities


New SCO High School and Residency Facilities


New SCO Residency Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL)


New SCO Non-College Degree Facilities


*New SCOs must complete the listed required amounts of modules. 

SCO Annual Training Portal

Certifying Official Training Resources Self-Certification Step-By-Step Procedure

  1. Log in to the SCO Annual Training Portal access at the following link: Live Assessments (
  2. Select one of the following options: Office Hours, Conference Sessions, Supplemental Training.
  3. Locate the applicable session and click “Begin”.
  4. Verify you have selected the correct training session, then click “Continue”.
  5. Click “Yes” to certify you have completed 100% of the training click “Submit”.
  6. Enter the date of training, then click “Submit”.
  7. Download your results and keep the certificate for your records.

Options After taking the course

After you take the course, the only option is "feedback" from the original course.  If you choose feedback, this is where you obtain your Completion Certificate.

To “review” an Enrollment Manager course you’ve completed: You must scroll down to bottom left side and click the "Review Only" arrow. It will restart the course and Knowledge Checks too. This will not cancel your initial course completion! 

Certifying Official Resource Guide

School Certifying Officials, please contact the designated party if you are having issues on the following topics:

Contact your Education Liaison Representative (ELR)

  • Updating Certifying Officials; VA Form 22-8794 (Designation of Certifying Official(s)).
  • Technical assistance with reporting enrollments
  • Access to VA-ONCE and related technical guidance
  • 85/15 reporting matters
  • Clarification on WEAMS (Web Enabled Approval Management System), which is also known as the VA Form 22-1998 reports.

Contact the Certifying Official Hotline

  • Status of Tuition & Fee or Yellow Ribbon payments
  • Explanation of school debt creation
  • Individual student benefit information and hardship cases

Contact your State Approving Agency (SAA)

  • Program revisions; new/suspended/cancelled programs 
  • Updated catalogs and related publications 
  • School address updates – including branch/extension 
  • Changes in accreditation status 
  • Change of ownership and change of address

Contacting the Education Liaison Representative (ELR)

Please contact your ELR for the Certifying Official Hotline phone number.

Contacting the State Approving Agency (SAA)

Certifying Official Resource Links

Certifying Official Annual Training Resources 

National Training Mailbox:

  • Certifying Official training portal access and use
  • Certifying Official approved training credit and progress tracking
  • Adobe Connect registration and access 

Office Hours Question and Answer: VBA Education Office Hours - Q&A Webpage​

  • Review previous Office Hours' questions and answers
  • Respond to questions posed during monthly Office Hours sessions
  • Link to Annual Training requirements and step-by-step directions self -certifying training 

SCO Portal Technical Support:

  • Certifying Official training portal technical assistance
  • Report Training Portal issues and outages 

All webinars and training sessions are announced via the GovDelivery, please click the following link: GovDelivery  

SCOs be sure to register and update your information as needed; GovDelivery Support can be found by clicking here 

Additional Resources

Stay up to date on the Veterans Benefits Administrations (VBA) social platforms: 

Facebook: @GIBillEducation

Twitter: @VAVetBenefits

Instagram: @VABenefits

Debt Management Center (DMC)

Ask VA (AVA) School Inquiries:

  • All school inquiries and disputes should be submitted using AVA 
  • Select “Veterans Affairs- Debt” as the category and “A School Official” as the topic.
  • Selecting these options is critical to ensure routing to DMC
  • Under “My inquiry is” select “On behalf of a Veteran”- this enables you to select School Certifying Official or Other (Business) under “relationship to Veteran”.
  • Selecting on behalf of a Veteran and then a business relationship will ensure the inquiries show up in a business dashboard.
  • You must log in to receive a response that receives specific debt information.

Tips for Submissions via Ask VA (AVA)

When submitting disputes and inquiries via AVA:

  • One inquiry per student
  • Identifying information for the student (not in the subject line)
  • School name and facility code
  • Debt amount
  • Supporting details (front and back of cashed check, when was updated certification sent, etc.)