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July 15, 2008 Archive

What's New as of July 15, 2008?

38 Code of Federal Regulations:

Part 74 - Veteran Small Business Regulations

  • General Guidelines
    • 74.1 What definitions are important for VetBiz Vendor Information Pages (VIP) Verfication
    • 74.2 What are the Eligibility Requirements a Concern Must Meet for VerBiz VIP Verfication
    • 74.3 Who does Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) consider to own a Veteran-Owned Small Business
    • 74.4 Who does CVE consider to control a veteran-owned small business
    • 74.5 How does CVE determine affiliation
  • Application Guidelines
    • 74.10 Where must an application be filed
    • 74.11 How does CVE process applications for VetBiz VIP Verfication
    • 74.12 What must a concern concern submit to apply for VetBiz VIP Verfication
    • 74.13 Can an applicant ask CVE to reconsider its initial decision to deny an application
    • 74.14 Can an applicant reapply for admission to the VetBiz VIP Verfication Program
    • 74.15 What length of time may a business participate in VetBiz VIP Verfication
  • Oversight Guidelines
    • 74.20 What is a verification examination and what will CVE examine
    • 74.21 What are the ways a business may exit VetBiz VIP Verfication status
    • 74.22 What are the procedures for cancellations
  • Records Management
    • 74.25 What types of personally identifiable information will VA collect
    • 74.26 What types of business information will VA collect
    • 74.27 How will VA store information
    • 74.28 Who may examine records
    • 74.29 When will VA dispose of records
  • Book B
  • Book G
  • Book I