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Loan Administration

What is Loan Administration?

Phoenix Loan Servicing Representatives are trained to help our Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico Veterans, and GI home loan borrowers keep their homes while protecting the interests of the taxpayer. When a GI loan becomes delinquent by three installments, the lender reports the default to the Loan Administration Section. We closely review the record and attempt to contact the borrower. We may offer financial counseling and/or may intercede with the mortgage company on the borrower's behalf in order to obtain forbearance or arrange a repayment schedule. In some cases, VA may discuss the possibility of a compromise claim, the acceptance of a deed in lieu of foreclosure, and the time available during the foreclosure proceedings which the borrower may use to pursue alternatives to foreclosure.

We also provide training and oversight to mortgage companies who service loans in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Attention Veteran Homeowners! 

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