United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Phoenix Regional Office, Human Resources, FAQs


Can I mail or bring my application to your office to be considered for future job openings? 

Our office does NOT maintain an applicant supply file/listing. To be considered for a position at the VA Phoenix Regional Office, you must apply for a specific position vacancy following the instructions stated in the announcement at www.usajobs.gov. NOTE: This link is outside the Department of Veterans Affairs web site. The VA is not responsible for this link's content.

What kinds of positions do you employ?

We offer a wide range of positions. The following are a few of the jobs currently located in our office:

Accounts Receivable Analysts
Claims Assistants
Decision Review Officers
Employment Specialists
Human Resources Specialists
Legal Administrative Specialists
Loan Service Representatives (Realty)
Mail and File Clerks
Management and Program Analysts
Program Support Clerks
Program Assistants
Rating Specialist
Rehabilitation Technicians
Veterans Services Representatives (VSR)
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
Voucher Examiner

What are the qualification requirements?

Each position has its own qualification requirements, as stated in the vacancy announcement, but all positions require US citizenship.

What are your salaries?

Salary Table 2009-PX or http://www.opm.gov/oca/09tables/locdef.asp NOTE: These links are outside the Department of Veterans Affairs web site. The VA is not responsible for their content.

What are your work hours?

We have employees working a number of shifts between 6:00AM and 8:15PM; however, the majority of our employees have a work schedule that begins after 6:00AM and ends before 6:00PM. Some positions offer compressed schedules and others offer flexible schedule options.

What types of advancement opportunities are there?

We offer career opportunities ranging from entry level GS-3 to GS-6 clerical and support positions; to journeymen administrative, technical and professional positions from GS-5 to GS-13; as well as supervisory and management opportunities. Our office offers opportunities for merit promotion, as well as career ladder positions, which have promotion potential without competition.

Are the Regional Office’s employees covered by a union agreement?

Yes, the National Agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) covers most employees at the Regional Office.

Do you hire Veterans?

Approximately 60% of the employees at the Phoenix VARO are Veterans. Our office actively recruits from both the Veteran and disabled Veteran community. If you served on active duty in the United States Military and were separated under honorable conditions, you may be eligible for Veterans preference. For additional information of veterans preferences see the following OPM website: www.opm.gov/veterans/ NOTE: This link is outside the Department of Veterans Affairs web site. The VA is not responsible for this link's content.

Do you hire people with disabilities?

The VA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively recruits individuals both veteran and non-veteran with disabilities.