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M28R, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service Manual


Part I - Overview

Section A - VR&E Program Overview

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1- Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Manual

Chapter 2- Organizational Structure of Department of Veteran Affairs

Chapter 3- Partnerships and Memoranda of Agreement/Understanding

Chapter 4- Research and Development

Part II - Office Administration

Section A Table of Contents - Office Administration

Chapter 1- Program Establishment and Office Requirements

Chapter 2- Managing VA Folders, Forms, Letters, Testing and Occupational Information

Chapter 3- Hiring, Managing and Training Office Staff

Chapter 4- Advisory Committees

Chapter 5- Sensitve Access and Personally Identifiable Information

Part III - Program Administration

Section A - VR&E Division Functions

Chapter 1: Program Workflow and Processes 3/31/2014

Chapter 2: Case Status Systems and Electronic Records 3/31/2014

Chapter 3: Case Transfers updated 11/4/13

Section B - VR&E Outreach and Priority Processing

Chapter 1- Performing Motivational and Outreach Activities 3/31/2014

Chapter 2- Coming Home to Work Initiative 3/31/2014

Chapter 3 - Priority Processing 3/31/2014

Section C - Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 1- Overview of Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 2- Veteran's Rights, Responsibilities and Due Process 3/31/2014

Chapter 3- Administrative Reviews, Advisory Opinions, Appeals and Equitable Relief

Chapter 4- General Rules of Evidence

Chapter 5- Delegation of Authority

Chapter 6- Veteran's Conduct and Cooperation

Part IV - Evaluation, Entitlement and Rehabilitation Planning

Section A - Application Processing

Chapter 1- Application Processing Overview

Chapter 2 - Receiving and Processing Chapter 31 Applications 3/31/2014

Chapter 3- Basic Entitlement 3/31/2014

Chapter 4- eBenefits 3/31/2014

Section B - Initial Evaluation and Entitlement

Chapter 1- Initial Evaluation Overview

Chapter 2- Evaluation and Planning Determinations 3/31/2014

Chapter 3- Resources and Tools for Initial Evaluations 3/31/2014

Chapter 4- Vocational Exploration 3/31/2014

Chapter 5- Outcome of Initial Evaluation 3/31/2014

Section C - Plan Development

Chapter 1- Rehabiliation Plan Development Overview 3/31/2014

Chapter 2- Considerations for the Development and Administration of the Rehabiliation Plan

Chapter 3- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of an Extended Rehabilitation Plan 3/31/2014

Chapter 4- Five Tracks to Employment

Chapter 5- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of a Reemployment Plan 3/31/2014

Chapter 6- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of a Rapid Access to Employment Plan 3/31/2014

Chapter 7- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of an Employment Through Long-Term Services Plan 3/31/2014

Chapter 8- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of a Self-Employment Plan 3/31/2014

Chapter 9- Guidelines for the Development and Administration of an Independent Living Plan updated 3/31/2014

Part V - Case Management updated 11/7/2013

Section A

Chapter 1 - Rehabilitation Services and Resources 3/31/2014

Chapter 2 - Program Assistance 3/31/2014

Chapter 3 - Monetary Assistance

Chapter 4 - Supplies and Equipment 3/31/2014

Chapter 5 - Medical and Dental Treatment and Services

Chapter 6 - Interruption and Leaves of Absence 3/31/2014

Chapter 7 - Case Closures 3/31/2014

Section B

Chapter 1 - Overview of Financial Responsibility and Accountability 3/31/2014

Chapter 2 - Facilities

Chapter 3 - Vendors

Chapter 4 - Contracting Activities

Chapter 5 - Government Purchase Card

Chapter 6 - Travel Expenses 3/31/2014

Chapter 7 - Authorizing and Processing Payments for Services

Chapter 8 - Authorizing and Processing Subsistence Allowance

Chapter 9 - Revolving Fund Loans 3/31/2014

Chapter 10 - Authorizing and Processing Employment Adjustment Allowance 3/31/2014

Section C

Chapter 1 - Foreign Cases Overview

Chapter 2 - General Program Information on Foreign Cases

Chapter 3 - Case Management for Foreign Cases

Section D

Chapter 1 - Overview of Special Circumstances

Chapter 2 - Servicemen Found Fit for Duty and Veterans Recalled to Active Duty 3/31/2014

Chapter 3 - Incarcerated and Fugitive Felon Veterans

Chapter 4 - Deceased Veterans

Part VI - Employment Services

Section A Table of Contents - VR&E Employment and Placement Services

Chapter 1- Overview of Employment Services

Chapter 2- Eligibility and Duration of Employment Services 3/31/2014

Chapter 3- Planning and Case Management During Employment Services updated 3/31/2014

Chapter 4- Job Readiness, Development and Placement Services 3/31/2014

Chapter 5- Outreach Activities to Employers

Chapter 6- Partnerships and Memoranda of Agreement/Understanding

Chapter 7- Special Employer Incentive Program

Chapter 8- Veterans' Preference and Special Hiring Authorities

Chapter 9- Self-Employment updated 3/31/2014

Chapter 10- Post Employment Services and Case Closures updated 3/31/2014

Chapter 11 - Student Works-Study Allowance Program 3/31/2014

Part VII - Other Benefits Case Management

Chapter 1- Chapter 36 Services: Educational and Vocational Counseling, updated 1/15/14

Chapter 2- Chapter 35 Benefits Provided by VR&E

Chapter 3- Chapter 18 Benefits, Services and Program Administration

Chapter 4- VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services in Conjunction with VA Education Benefits and Services 3/31/2014

Part VIII - Program Oversight

Section A

Chapter 1 - Program Oversight Overview

Chapter 2 - Quality Assurance Program 3/31/2014

Chapter 3 - Site Visit Program

Chapter 4 - Workload Management 3/31/2014

Chapter 5 - Systematic Analysis of Operations (SAO)


Appendix J - National Performance Standards

Appendix K- Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix O- VA Forms

Appendix Q- Special Employer Incentive Contract

Appendix R- Schedule I

Appendix U- VR&E Service Organizational Chart

Appendix W- VBA Organizational Chart

Appendix V - Rules for Taking Files or Information Off-Site

Appendix T- Regional Office Sister Stations List

Appendix AB - The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Appendix AC- Schedule A Letter

Appendix AD - VR&E Sign Out Log

Appendix AE- Chapter 31 Eligibility Data and Entitlement Usage

Appendix AF - VA Letters

Appendix AG- Employment Resources

Appendix AH- Executive Orders

Appendix AT- Military Service Status Referral

Appendix AK - Fugitive Felon Sample Letters

Appendix AM - Training Time Equivalency Table-Semester Hours

Appendix AN - Training Time Equivalency Table-Quarter Hours

Appendix AO - Chapter 31 Subsistence Allowance Rate Increase as of October 1, 2013

Appendix AP - Rate of Pay for Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE)

Appendix AQ - BDN Codes

Appendix AS - Sample School Notification Letter

Appendix AT - Military Status Referral to VR&E

Appendix AU - Workload Managment Plan Template

Appendix AW - Calculating Rate of Pay for Post-9/11 Subsistence Allowance

Appendix AX - Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 Benefits Comparison

Appendix AY - Election of Post-9/11 Subsistence in Lieu of Regular Chapter 31 Subsistence Allowance

Appendix AZ - Veteran's Certification for Possession of Firearms Training Requirement

Appendix BA - Veteran's Certification for Possession of Firearms Vocational Requirement - Pre-training

Appendix BC - Elements of the QA Review

Appendix BD - VetSuccess Contract Funds

Appendix BE - VSOC Monthly Tracking Spreadsheet

Appendix BF - Self-Employment Job Aid

Appendix BH - Financial Resources for Self-Employment

Appendix BN - Veteran's Certification for Possession of Firearms Vocational Requirement - Post-training